Less Pain Home Networking

Less Pain Home Networking

I wish our big Internet Service Providers would focus on how well the internet worked within our home, or businesses, not just the link from their data center to my modem. It seems as if the home network has become a Do It Yourself activity for most households. This is why we have become the local IT department for my family and visitors. Doing both the residential and commercial networking, is one area that help customer stay up and working correctly.

Wi-Fi Home Networking

A properly configured home network starts with a good Wi-Fi wireless home router. The home router is basically the traffic controller between your Internet Service Providers network and the network inside your home. You may have an integrated unit from your Internet Service Provider that includes both a modem and the wireless home router all in one box, or you may have purchased a retail home router (such as Linksys, Netgear, ASUS or others) and connected the router to your Internet Service Providers modem.

My home router includes both Ethernet wired and Wi-Fi wireless home networking interfaces. Each of my personal devices (laptops, smartphones, video streaming devices, etc.) provide either a wired interface, a wireless interface, or both.

Ethernet is appropriate for devices that don’t move around, such as a video streaming device like Roku or Apple TV, or a Voice over Internet Phone. And you need an Ethernet jack nearby, or to position the device near your home router. I’m assuming that most of us can only make use of a wired connection for a few devices. And even in my case, most of my devices in our homes connect to the internet use Wi-Fi.

Sometime the Internet Service Provider does not give us a good location for their equipment, or we want to add devices to a different location. Then we either need the Wi-Fi router to allow access to those items, or we need to often times need to get a networking switch so that things can be made to work with your network. What really works? What should you buy? What equipment should you keep away from? We help people with those needs every day. Give us a call here at WebTechPC and schedule a time for us to come and take a look, and get you set up.

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